Lips by Nic

So I tried this lipstick called LipSense a couple weeks ago and I am completely hooked.  It is water-proof, kiss-proof, and smudge-proof; pretty much everything I need as a busy mom.  I found it through a random girl on Instagram, loved the product, and then thought, if this random girl online could sell to me, certainly I could do this too!  To sign up as a distributor you pay $50 and then get 20-50% off every single order so it was a no-brainer for me (considering how much time, and money, I spend at Sephora!)

To try this magical stuff out, a starter kit is $55 and includes a lip color of your choice, gloss, and a remover (if you are a reader you know I’ll hook you up with a discount though!)  You won’t hear me talk about lipstick again on here because I like to keep this baby related (though what is a better mom-hack then a lipstick that doesn’t come off?) so you can find me on Instagram @lipsbynic, you can join me on Facebook at, or you can shop on my site at