8 Months Old!

Not a lot has changed again since last month, which is really nice for this organized mama.  The boys and I have a great routine down which makes each day so fun for all of us.  Baby C finally got 2 teeth, and can sit like a champ.  One day I looked over at A and C playing together and C was just sitting there all proud!  Yesterday he even pulled up to stand by himself.  He is sooo motivated to be like his big bro.

He got a helmet to reshape the flat part of his head (6 months of occupational therapy helped his neck tilt but there was not much we could do about the flat spot).  He has been a trooper and will likely have to wear it for a couple of months.

Overall C is doing awesome and it is such a blessing to watch him grow and to see his silly personality continue to emerge.  He loves to be held, to play with his brother, and to be in the mix 🙂  Posted schedule below but it is exactly the same as last month!

Time Activity
6:30am Wake, new diaper and clothes, 6-8 ounce bottle, cereal, playtime
8:30am/9:00am Nap 1
10:30am 6-8 ounce bottle, new diaper, fruit or veggie (trying new foods every few days), playtime
12:30pm Nap 2
2:30pm 6-8 ounce bottle, new diaper, playtime
5:00pm Dinner (fruit or veggie)
6:00 to 6:30pm Bedtime routine: 8 ounce bottle, bath, night diaper, pajamas and pacifier, snuggle and story, sound machine on, lights off, kisses and crib

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