9 and 10 Months!

I forgot to post a 9 month update because our schedule is still the same, and it is the same at 10 months as well.  I imagine it will stay this way until 1 year, when he will switch to 1 nap.  I’ll have some figuring out to do then because at daycare his nap will be at 11:30, but I still like to have both kids nap at the same time so I might try to get them both as close to 12 as I can – we will see!

The last 2 months have been awesome.  C’s personality is growing each day, and I love watching him play with A, play with toys, say “mama” all day, and be the cutest!  We are happy with 2 kids and feel our family is complete, but it is definitely this age when I’m like, “I want all the babies!!”

At 10 months I threw away C’s bottles and he now uses sippy cups.  I find the transition earlier helps because they aren’t super attached to the bottle like they are later on.  Not that there is a problem with bottles, I just find drinking out of a cup is easier, especially at restaurants and on the go 🙂  Here is our schedule for 9 and 10 months….copied and pasted from 8 months with the only difference being a slightly later morning nap.

Time Activity
6:30am Wake, new diaper and clothes, 6-8 ounce bottle, cereal, playtime
9:00/9:30am Nap 1
10:30am 6-8 ounce bottle, new diaper, fruit or veggie (trying new foods every few days), playtime
12:30pm Nap 2
2:30pm 6-8 ounce bottle, new diaper, playtime
5:00pm Dinner (fruit or veggie)
6:00 to 6:30pm Bedtime routine: 8 ounce bottle, bath, night diaper, pajamas and pacifier, snuggle and story, sound machine on, lights off, kisses and crib


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