These are my favorite items for baby, plus links!

Baby Jogger’s City Select Stroller.  This is a convertible stroller that can be configured in like 16 different ways.  You can use it with the carseat for newborns, then you can use the regular seat once baby is big enough.  Plus, if you expand your family you can have multiple kids use this (carseat and regular seat, two regular seats, seat and glider board, etc.)  I use this thing everyday – it is so easy and convenient and I am in love.

Avent pacifiers, bottles, and sippy cups.  This really depends on baby’s preference, but both my kids have taken to Avent.  I love the pacifiers because they have so many different color options, even glowing night ones, and they can be used from 0 months on and the box clearly states the size.  I especially like using the Avent bottles and then using the Avent trainer sippy cup to transition away from bottles (I do this around 10 months).  Again, bottles are super dependent on baby.

SwaddleMe swaddles, Love to Dream swaddles, Ollie swaddle.  I love swaddles that are easy to use – J can swaddle a baby up with any blanket no problem; me not so much, especially when it is 2am and dark.  The SwaddleMe ones and the Ollie Swaddle use velcro.  The Love to Dream swaddle has a zipper and lets baby have arms up which is cool.  The Ollie and Love to Dream also allow you undo the swaddle from the bottom for easy non-disruptive diaper changes.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier.  With A, I swore by the Ergo.  But I didn’t like using the infant insert and preferred it when he as a bit older.  My friend swears by the Bjorn One, but C didn’t like it.  C actually hasn’t really liked any of my wraps/carriers except for the Lillebaby, which goes to show that there is no superior carrier and it really depends on the baby.  I do love this one though – it is by far the easiest to use of the ones I’ve tried and the most comfortable.  You can wear baby in 6 different positions, and it doesn’t require an infant insert so you can use it practically from day 1 through toddler years.

Fisher Price Swing.  A napped in this thing for like 6 months and I was so sad when he grew out of it.  C has loved it from Day 1 as well – you can put baby in it awake and let him look at the decorations and listen to music, or you can put the swing motion on to rock baby to sleep.  I’m trying to get C to nap in his crib sooner than A did, but regardless this swing is seriously a lifesaver, even if you only use it for a few weeks.

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat.  This thing cracks me up – it is a tiny little chair for baby.  Put it on the floor and pop baby in!  You want to wait until baby is about 3 months old and has better neck control before you use it fyi.

D Drops.  If you are breastfeeding, your pediatrician will likely recommend you give baby supplemental Vitamin D drops.  The ones at the hospital pharmacy come with a syringe, but these bad boys are concentrated and you only need to use one drop a day.  You can put directly on your boob, on the pacifier, or in a bottle.

Skip Hop Activity Mat.  I love this mat.  It is great for tummy time, and also has cute hanging toys for baby to look at and eventually swat at.  Baby can have independent play time on here or you can be next to baby on the floor playing together.

Diaper Genie.  Well I have 3 of these so clearly I am a fan.  Easy to use and keeps dirty diaper smell far away from you.  Which is more important than you would think when you are pregnant with morning sickness and changing your toddler’s diapers.

Skip Hop Double Diaper Bag.  This is the third diaper bag I’ve owned.  I got this one because it is massive and has tons of compartments and since I have 2 kids in diapers, I need to tote lots of stuff around!  Skip Hop in general is an awesome brand.  Also, this says that it is only meant to hang on double wide strollers – not true.  I hang it on my City Select no problem.

Honest Soap and Lotion.  I’ve never tried anything else so can’t compare, but it smells good and my babies like it!  I love bath time and giving a mini massage afterwards to clean up and wind down from the day.

Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers and Wipes.  I’ve rarely had leaks in these diapers (unless it was time to move up a size).  They have a wetness indicator so I can see if it has changed colors to know if baby needs a new one.  They, along with the wipes, haven’t irritated my babies’ bums and I just like them.

Pampers Baby Dry Overnight diapers.  So for a week when A was about 4 months old he peed through his diaper every night.  His daycare was like, does he wear a night diaper and I was like, huh?  No idea that even existed.  Game changer!  They are super absorbent, which is awesome when baby is sleeping 12 hours straight.

Aquaphor. Cheap and easy butt cream!  Like Vaseline and a jar will last a while.  I don’t use it though unless baby’s butt is irritated, which has only happened to me once so maybe that is why it lasts long for me.  You can choose to put on baby’s butt at night, or even with every diaper change if you like.

Safety 1st Gentle Read Thermometer. I have tried a bunch of thermometers and keep coming back to this one, so I have 3 of them now.  I take baby’s temp rectally since that is the most accurate, and my kids have never even noticed.  It is gentle, easy to use, and accurate.

Little Remedies Brand (tylenol, gripe water, saline drops).  With A, I bought all of these things after an occassion where I needed them (he got a fever, I ran to store to buy tylenol).  With C, I was prepared and bought the whole line to have on hand.

Summer Infant Nasal Aspirator.  So I had a Nose Frida because it is trendy, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it right?  The old school nasal aspirator though, like the one from the hospital, I can handle.  I love getting snot out!

MySoundSpa sound machine.  When A was 2 months old we were on vacation by the beach and he slept 9 hours straight, so I was like OMG he needs to hear ocean waves every night.  This sound machine has a few different sound options, but he has listened to the ocean one every night and for every nap since then.  It drowns out any noise from the rest of the house and I like to think it is soothing as well.

Milk Snob Carseat Cover.  I saw this on Instagram and just thought it was so stylish and felt like I needed it.  It has turned out to be awesome!  There is a hole at the top so when you put it on the carseat you can sort of peek in at baby without lifting anything up.  No more blanket flying off for me!  They come in tons of cute patterns/colors.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced On the Go Tote Breast Pump.  I have used 3 different pumps and this one is great, especially if you are back at work because it comes with a little cooler.  You can use this with a car adapter if you want, or you can plug into the wall, and everything fits into the bag so you can easily tote it around.

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support.  So flat heads are much more typical in babies these days since we put them to sleep on their backs as recommended…that, plus time spent in carseats, swings, etc. can contribute as well.  This is a cushion for baby’s head that I like to use when I am SUPERVISING baby in swing, on the activity mat, etc.

Cosabella Nursing Bra.  Nursing bras are so dang ugly.  This one is the prettiest bra I have, nursing or not!  It is kind of ridiculously expensive, but I adore it and sometimes you want to feel cute and not like a milk cow.

Belly Bandit.  I wore this for a month straight after both births and it sucks you right back in.  Even the nurses at the hospital said they could tell it was helping contract my uterus back and supported the idea.  It is not the most comfortable thing ever, and I pretty much wore it around the clock, but it helped with the squishiness.

Lansinoh Milk Storage Bags. Easy to use.  I just like them 🙂

Johnson and Johnson Nursing Pads. These are disposable, stick inside your bra, nothing fancy.  They do the trick though.

Sophie the Giraffe.  Oh Sophie, you are such a hip little teether and babies love you.  Someone for sure will get this for you at your baby shower and it will be your baby’s first adorable friend.

Amber teething necklace.  I don’t know if this actually works, but it seemed like it did with A so I am going to give it to C when the time comes too.  Baby doesn’t chew on the necklace…rather, when amber comes into contact with the skin it is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties or something??  Either way it is cute.

Carseat toys.  Any sort of toys that attach the carseat are fun for baby to look at 🙂

Happy Baby baby food packs and snacks.  This brand is awesome – the ingredients are organic and minimal, like “organic carrots, organic bananas”.  The food comes in packs, and has interesting blends of foods once you are in Stage 2.  And once baby figures out how to squeeze the pack of food directly into his or her mouth – game changer!

Orajel Naturals.  Like what you used to put on your gums when you had braces, but for babies!!  It is natural and homeopathic so who knows how much it actually helps, but it did seem to relieve A’s gums when he was teething (and at least made me feel like I was doing SOMETHING to help the poor guy).