All About Sleep


I am obsessed with baby sleep.  I had major sleep issues from childhood all the way until I was in high school, so teaching my baby how to sleep is and has been incredibly important to me.  Also, I need sleep…I am happier, healthier, and better able to take care of everyone when I have sleep.  My first slept 12 hours by 14 weeks and my second is well on his way at 9 weeks and this was not an accident.

I know that when we are desperate for sleep, it is so easy to let our child climb into our bed, or to drive the car around until the baby is deeply asleep before gently transferring him to the crib.  And to some extent, I support doing whatever you gotta do, especially in the early days.  After those newborn days are over however, I feel it is time to get some good habits going and with a little planning, dedication, and work, you truly can teach your child how to have healthy sleep habits.  The benefits are two-fold: one, you are not spending hours trying to get your child to sleep every night and two, your child will get the restorative sleep he or she needs to be a healthy happy kiddo.

I truly believe helping your child sleep is one of the greatest gifts you can give, so this section includes all of my sleep notes.  I tried different techniques with both my babies so you will see some options – there are many ways to help babies learn how to sleep!