Toddlers don’t need quite as much gear as babies do, but their needs do change a bit.  Here are some of my favorite toddler-specific products.

Munchkin Light My Way Owl nightlight.  When A was 18 months or so, he started waking in the middle of the night screaming for a week. I thought maybe he was scared, so I got him this night light and taught him how to use it.  It is cool to the touch, so it stays in his crib with him.  He can turn it on and off whenever he wants.

Zolibot Straw Sippy Cup.  Getting A to use a straw sippy cup early on has been helpful, especially when we go to a restaurant since kid drinks often come in a little cup with a lid and straw.  I don’t even know how I came across this one; probably after endless amounts of research per usual!

Foogo Thermos.  I like this one for milk because it stays nice and cold.  And has a straw 🙂

City Select Glider Board.  This is too much fun; it is a little kick board that attaches to the City Select stroller so that your toddler can ride on it for times when sitting strapped in a seat isn’t fun.  I also have a friend who pushes 3 kids in the stroller, with the oldest using the glider board and the other 2 in the seats.  Pretty neat!

Tommee Tippee bibs.  These are genius.  There is a pouch at the bottom that literally catches food, plus it is made of silicone so you just need to wipe it clean instead of putting in the washing machine.  I wish I had started with these!

The First Years Take and Toss Flatware Set. I keep this in my diaper bag for when we are out at restaurants; A loves to use his own utensils when eating and sometimes the adult sized ones at the restaurants are too big.  These come in a handy little container too.

Happy Tot packs and snacks.  These are even more fun to use with your toddler because they can learn how to squeeze the food out of the pack themselves!  A loves to do this when we are on the go.  They have super healthy interesting blends, plus I love the puffs and creamies.

Munchkin Snack Catchers.  I put puffs in these snack containers if A wants a snack while bored at Sephora for example.  The lid lets him stick his hand right through it to get to the snack, while preventing it from spilling.

Stride Rite shoes.  When buying A’s first pair of shoes, Lucie’s List had a bunch of great recommendations and I went with Stride Rite.  They fit well, and have different types of shoes for different walking stages.  Sometimes I will get him trendy Converse or Vans but for the most party, I love Stride Rite’s selection.