11 and 12 Months!

I cannot believe that baby C is a year old today!!!!  He had a camp themed birthday party and it was so fun.  He has changed so much – he takes one nap now, drinks milk, walks EVERYWHERE, points, says a handful of words, and is the most playful joyful little guy there is.

Around 11.5 months he dropped his morning nap (if we are driving sometimes he will fall asleep for a short bit, but otherwise he doesn’t really take a morning nap anymore), so I put him and A down around noon instead.  He takes a solid 2 hour nap and wakes recharged for afternoon play.

I ran out of formula at around 11.5 months as well, so we didn’t really transition to milk – we just gave him milk and thankfully he liked it and it all worked out.

This is what I wrote on Facebook today about my sweet, sweet 1 year old:

I cannot believe my baby is 1!!!! Oh Curren…..after an easy labor the nurse put him on my chest and I kid you not, he lifted his head and looked right up at me. I almost dropped him I was so startled, and he has been keeping me on my toes ever since.

Curren liked to sleep in 2 hour increments the first 2 months of his life. I have never been so tired, but during the day when Austin was at pre-school, Curren would fall asleep on my chest and there was no place I’d rather be than snuggling him. Baby sleep bootcamp at 3 months got our sleep back on track, but you know how they say you just forget how tired you were when you have a newborn? I WILL NEVER FORGET LOL.

Curren didn’t seem like a little baby for very long….he was sitting up and crawling and trying to stand by 6 months, probably because he has major FOMO. Whatever Austin is doing, he is right next to him doing it too. They have played together every day since that age and I’m so grateful for their special bond. He wakes up every morning asking for Austin, and vice versa.

Part of him seeming to have always been a toddler baby was my fault. The days I go to work are a mad dash trying to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door so John and I somehow stopped spoon feeding Curren food around 6 months as well and sort of left him to it. The poor kid has 2 teeth but we hand him grown up food like it’s no big deal. He complies, and I truly don’t know what I did to deserve such a special son. He has just always fit right in with our family. Whenever we go somewhere, Austin says “Come on Curren!!!” and Curren just scampers along to catch up with us.

Curren started cruising around 9 months, around the time he got his helmet to correct a flat spot on his head. His daycare teachers were actually grateful for this since they nicknamed him Evel Knievel. He is pretty much a stunt baby and is non-stop physical lol. They also call him Leonardo Dicaprio because he is the cutest dreamboat ever. Most of Curren’s pacifiers are pink (Target never has boy colors) so one of my fave questions someone asked me about him (while wearing him helmet) was if “she has seizures”. John often gives the boys baths or showers and I can’t even be around because it is the most aggressive thing I’ve ever seen!

Curren lights up when he sees me or John and says Mama and Dada all day long. He can also say outside, hi, bye, he can wave, he says Austin, he likes to point at things, and he signs for all done. I love when he says Austin’s name and Austin lights up and tells me, “He said Austin!!!!” He loves to play independently, he loves to wrestle and laugh with his brother (they totally do that sibling thing where you just look at each other and laugh for no reason), he loves to eat, sleep, and nap like a champ, and when I tell him not to do something, he likes to do it anyway, look me directly in the eyes, and laugh.

No matter where I take Curren (the zoo, Target, out to eat, the mall, Sea World) he is always stoked and loves to look around and flirt with everyone. (Except pretty sure he ruined a bunch of people’s dinners at Paradise Point on Christmas – that was one dinner he despised).

Since Curren is my second, I had the experience to know how fleeting the first year is and I’ve soaked in every single part of it. I have wanted everything to slow down and this will always have been one of the most magical years of my life. Curren has such a fun, spirited, and unique personality, the kind that is clearly a gift from God. I love everything about him – Happy 1st birthday Cur Cur.

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