Second Month

Day 28: Good day..growth spurt possibly? Ate sooo much, less than every 2 hours. Boobs hurt. Napped okay. So cute though.  And my sister came into town!  I was sooooo excited to see her, and we all went to Island’s that night for dinner.  We usually have success at Island’s 🙂

Night 28: Slept 2.75 hours for the first stretch, fed him, kept him upright, gas drops….then was up for 2 hours. Not crying, but wouldn’t sleep…grunty, squirmy….even snuggled next to me didn’t help.  Emailed his doc and lactation consultant but they didn’t really help. Told J he should sleep downstairs for a couple weeks, because when I’m tired and mad and there is someone in the room to vent to, I end up working myself up more and he ends up taking it personally and it’s not fair to either of us. He should just enjoy the sleep, and I can handle baby on my own and might be in a better mood at night without being able to bitch haha.

Day 29: Another easy day – ate well, napped well, is super cute and snuggly and portable and easy.  Sister and I dropped A off at daycare, then walked to get bagels and coffee.  Went to breastfeeding class..he didn’t drink as much as last time, but gained another 9 ounces.

Night 29: And then night rolls around….stayed awake again from 8:30 to 11:30…tried settling him to sleep for like an hour, then it was time to eat again, then wouldn’t fall asleep. J was on the couch but I was getting so frustrated that I needed a minute, so unfortunately J had to get up and come upstairs. I feel awful that he has had to help me so much, when he needs to get up and go to work and function.  I slept on the couch for 2 hours, then it was time to feed again so I came back upstairs and fed him, then he slept in his dockatot next to me for a while.

Day 30: The doula came today and I was telling her about our recent night time struggles.  She said this is totally normal behavior, he is a brand new baby and it might be a few weeks before night time is more organized.  I am like my own worst enemy – I keep thinking that I can set up good sleep habits right away because this is my second time around, but I feel like I need to read C better and be more in tune with HIS needs at this moment.  After 3 months, I can sleep train and schedule all I want but I think we would all benefit if I could just let go of my crazy expectations right now.  The doula mentioned that he is a super snuggly baby and he clearly loves being curled up next to me…so I feel like it would be worth it to let him fall asleep on my chest at night, or rock him for as long as he needs, or let him sleep next to me (hopefully in Dock a tot, but if not just curled up next to me). She said she has only seen one other baby that was this snuggly, and that at 3 months old he just started sleeping in his crib no big deal. I’m not creating bad habits right now, and even if I were I could fix them with some gentle sleep training down the road.  So tonight I am going to try my hardest to read him and give him what HE needs instead of trying to have my needs met so much…Sister and I went out to fancy lunch together!

Night 30: So Sister held C from 6:30 to 9:45, so he slept 3.25 hours which was good, and I slept that whole time too and so did J.  Then it was my shift; I fed him at 9:45 but he wouldn’t go to sleep and it was 11:15 and I started crying – I just wanted to be able to soothe my own son back to sleep! Wah. J heard me crying (I really have not been crying usually) so he came back upstairs.  I let C sleep next to me, suck on my boob, sleep in the Dockatot next to me….still grunting away and restless.  So I guess the good news is if even co-sleeping doesn’t help at night, then I don’t need to do that since it scares me.  But I still really want to figure out how to help my little guy get the sleep he (we) needs at night.

Day 31: One month old!  Ate well, napped well. So standard.  We put him down in the crib for one nap, and he slept 30 minutes before waking and crying. Brought him down to the swing to finish his nap, but definitely want to keep trying to start some naps in the crib at least since one day we gotta sleep in the crib 🙂 One day lol.

Night 31: We went out for happy hour and J’s parents babysat (also cried saying bye to my sister – it was so amazing having her here – she listened to me talk about babies and sleep nonstop, she cooked for me, she loved on my kids – I don’t know what I would do without her)..  Then put C in his crib at 7pm after feeding him, and he slept until about 9:30pm – I heard him crying on the monitor so I went and grabbed him.  Fed him in our room and put him back to sleep in our room; went down easily.  Slept 2.5 more hours, then fed him…then J put him back to sleep and said it took a while, he was grunting and restless.  Fed him 3 hours later I think?  Let him lay next to me until morning.  It was definitely a better night…not super long stretches, but easier to settle.

Day 32: Another great day – did some research on awake times for his age (1 hour) so made sure to try to help him nap within an hour of waking.  Like, I knew this from A but completely forgot for the last month.  What has been working great though is that since Day 1 I have been following EASY (Eat, Activity, Sleep, Yourself).  I didn’t start that with A until maybe 4 months, so I was always wondering what to do next, why he was crying, etc.  That hasn’t happened at all with C, since I know exactly where we are in the cycle.  It has really made the days as great as they can be.  Nursed well all day, gave him a formula bottle at 3:30pm, nursed at 6:45pm after a long nap.

Night 32: Omg! We had a great night!!!!!  So I nursed at 6:45pm, then he took another catnap.  At around 8pm I gave him a bath, swaddled him in A’s old swaddle, and gave him about 2 ounces of formula.  Kept him upright for 15 minutes, then put him in Rock N Play asleep.  He slept from 8:30 until 12:15! I woke up at 12 in a panic!! So that was 3.75 hours, then I fed him, changed diaper, burped, gas drops, swaddled up again, pacifier, kept him upright a bit, back to Rock N Play – I heard him grunt a bit but he looked like he was settled and he slept another 3.5 hours!!!! Fed him again and same routine, and he slept all the way until morning (6:30pm). So I got up twice for the first time! It was glorious 🙂 Yay baby C!

Day 33: Fun day.  We all went to the playground in the morning and got our cars washed as well.  Hung at home for a while then I took the boys to the mall to walk around and pick up dinner while J went to his soccer game. Everyone got along well and was happy!  I even got to put A to sleep, man he is the best.  Fed C closer to every 2 hours in the evening…

Night 33: …and then he slept 4  hours 40 minutes to start off the night!!!! We did the same routine as the night before…nursed around 6:30, hung out and held him, bath at 8, swaddle, gave him 2 ounces formula like 8:15, asleep immediately.  He woke up around 1 and fed him, changed him, gas drops, held upright, back to sleep. He woke up again at 4:30 and for some reason instead of just feeding him like normal I thought maybe he would want to go back to sleep first, so I let him cuddle with me, but looking back I should have just fed him as he wasn’t really falling back asleep.  Fed him around 5 or 5:30, then back to sleep until 6:30 to start the day.

Day 34: C was in a good mood today, had a good morning nap and we went on a long walk at the lake with A.  Had trouble napping after that though, was awake for 3 hours at some point, and A took just a 45 minute nap.  So around 3pm I loaded everyone into the car and drove to get myself a chocolate shake.  They both fell asleep in the car so I let them sleep for a bit, and then we met J at the park to play for a bit.  I was worried that C’s weird nap day would affect the night but…

Night 34: He did great!  He napped at 7pm, and we woke him up at 8:30 (after contemplating what to do – let him sleep and feed him whenever he woke up next? J said keeping the night routine sounded better so we woke him up and gave him a quick bath).  Drank 3.5 ounces of formula and fell right back asleep until 1am, 4 hours 20 minutes!  Ate, then slept all the way until 5:07am, that was 3 hours 37 minutes!! Woohoo.

We survived 5 weeks!

Day 35: We dropped A off at daycare, went on a walk, then laid low most of the day at home.  We are out and about so much when A is here (which I love) but I feel like it is good for baby C to have extra snuggles and naps other than in the carseat on the days when it is just the two of us.  He was extra sleepy today and took very long naps.  We did lots of tummy time when he was awake, then J, A, C and I went out to dinner.  It was a fun day!  I felt like we have maybe turned a corner, like “I’ve got this”. Hope that feeling lasts!  Also according to my Wonder Weeks app, C is starting his first mental leap – signs can be fussiness, wanting to be held/nursed more, stuff like that. Haven’t noticed anything yet…

Night 35: Had a bit of a harder time falling asleep…did our little bedtime routine, nursed at 6:45 then was awake until 8pm when we went upstairs for bath, drank 3 ounces of formula, swaddled up, etc.  He fell asleep, but then pooped so I changed his diaper and he woke up and got the hiccups so it took a while to fall asleep after that. Fell asleep at 9 and slept 4 hours 9 minutes yay, fed him at around 1am, slept 2 hours, fed him around 3:30am, slept 2 more hours.  So long stretch at the beginning followed by shorter ones but only 2 middle of the night feedings.

Day 36: We were in the car a ton today; C didn’t mind!  Dropped A off at daycare, came home and ate/snuggled/napped, went to breastfeeding class where he didn’t drink much but gained plenty of weight which confuses me, picked up his birth certificate, then picked A up later from daycare and picked up dinner.  Both kids took turns crying the last 10 minutes of the car ride, and A was not in the best mood when we got home, but J and I played with him and he fell right asleep when it was bedtime.

Night 36:  The 7-8 hour is a little confusing…C fell asleep at 7pm for his 5th nap of the day, but I imagine in a few weeks that will turn in to bedtime instead of a nap?  I think that is what we did with A around 2 to 3 months?  Anyway, fell asleep at 8:45pm for 4 hours 10 minutes…that is like the 4th night in a row of those 4 plus hour stretches! So proud of baby C.  A started doing that at around 4 weeks, so at 5 weeks C is following suit!  Fed him at 1am, but then didn’t change his diaper right away because he seemed sleepy, but then he was still awake at 2am so I changed his diaper which was poopy – I need to just stick to changing his diaper after those middle of the night feedings because most of the time they are poopy.  Slept 1.5 hours which wasn’t super long but he was ready to eat again at 3:30pm – fed him and I was pretty tired so I nursed laying down and let him snuggle until we got up for the day.  He is becoming such a sweet, adorable, cute, laid back little guy.

Day 37: Today C was extra sleepy…just kind of woke up to eat then back to sleep  he went. The doula came over for 4 hours and I went to get my hair done – it was awesome, and C did great while I was gone.  We picked A up from school and then C was still napping so A and I squeezed some playtime in 🙂

Night 37: C was awake from like 530pm on, so at like 7:30 I figured I might as well take him upstairs for our bedtime routine.  He only slept an hour, up at 9:30, then slept another hour up at 11, then slept 3 hours up at 2:30, then 2 hours up at 5:30. It was a weird night, but he is 5.5 weeks so maybe his ⅚ week growth spurt?  Who knows. I am tired but know that he is capable of sleeping well so not panicked 🙂

Day 38: Started off the day with a long walk, ate, napped. Pretty standard.  Walked around the mall, went to dinner. C naps like a champ.

Night 38: And back to up every 2.5 hours. Growth spurt? Who knows.  I brought him to bed to snuggle me at like 4am, but that just made it worse.  He grunted the whole time.

Day 39: Naps weren’t as great today, but C was in a good mood anyway.  Went for a walk at the lake in the morning, then hung at home mostly with J.  At night we went to J’s brother’s for a housewarming bbq….A had a blast, I nursed or held C most of the time.  It reminded me why it isn’t super fun for me to go to parties right now haha.  It was like that with A too – especially when breastfeeding, you are ON the whole time.  C was so cute and snuggly though and got cuddles from other family members too.

Night 39: Trying to establish good sleep habits from the start, but C barely slept at the party so I felt bad when he cried the whole drive home – that is not like him and I imagine he was overstimulated 😦  Fed him and held him for a bit, then J and I were so tired we just went upstairs and called it a night. Did our normal routine minus bath (I was too tired) and C slept 3.5 hours – so not quite the 4.5 hours he can do, but more restful than the 2.5 hours of recent days!  Up at 12:30 and 3:30, so just twice.

Day 40: C was in a great mood today – I really paid attention to his awake times and put him down for naps promptly…he didn’t need any rocking and fell asleep easy for his first 3 naps.  Did lots of tummy time.

Night 40: Up every 2.5 hours.  I said I wasn’t panicked before when C was sleeping those 4 hour stretches, but nope I feel panicked again!  I am so tired.  It was a great 4 days of extra sleep, but now it has been almost a week of not so great sleep again. I don’t know what to do 😦

Day 41: The first half of the day was fine – ate normal, napped normal, good mood.  The afternoon was intense though. I sound dramatic because in reality, nothing bad happened, but we all cried.  C was un-characteristically fussy at around 1pm, right around when A woke up from his nap.  C just kept crying, and then A was standing on the couch chair (which I need because I need one place to sit!!!) so I’m putting C down and running to A to get him off the chair, then running to C to try to comfort him.  Anyway, they both ended up sobbing, which made me start crying, so I needed a minute.  Put A in his playpen, put C in his crib, and let them cry for a few minutes while I composed myself.  Again, nothing bad happened but why did it feel so awful?  I just didn’t feel like a good mom today….6 weeks of not being able to figure out C’s night sleep, combined with sleep deprivation, combined with guilt when A stands on the chair because I know he just wants more attention, combined with crying babies…just felt like shit.  Hopefully I will get a better hang of things….my sleep book did say 6 weeks is the peak of fussiness so even though C has been pretty easy going, that could definitely explain today?

This is what I have found challenging: 1) when I am home alone and trying to get C down for a nap and A needs/wants attention too.  It overwhelms me.  A is easy to put down for a nap – he hears “nap” and gets excited and runs upstairs and is asleep within 5 minutes.  C is a brand new baby and needs a lot more help to nap.  I spent so much time helping A when he was a baby, so I just wonder how I can better help C.  2) time for myself.  Even though the doula coming over once a week is incredible, daily I don’t really have time to myself except for my morning shower.  I miss using my computer, cooking/cleaning, doing my quick chores at night while clearing my head, etc.

Night 41: 2-3 hour stretches, hard to comfort back to sleep.  Slept next to me for a while but he didn’t enjoy that either – grunting lol.

We survived 6 weeks!!!

Day 42: Working on a 2.5 hour feeding schedule today to make sure C gets lots of good feedings and naps in during the day.  Napped in carseat from 7:30am to 9:30am – this is always his best nap.  Fed him and he immediately seemed sleepy again.  Starting to work on crib transition today as well, so took him to his room and changed his diaper, swaddled in Ollie swaddle, rocked with pacifier in chair for about five minutes until drowsy, then placed in Dockatot in crib at 10:10am and he fell asleep.Slept until 12:30 when I actually woke him up to feed him. Ate 12:45, did tummy time, saw him yawn so back upstairs we went.  This nap didn’t go as well – he slept maybe 20 minutes in the crib and I patted him a few times when he woke up but he got upset so I held him for a bit then had him finish his nap in the swing.  Am going to try to at least start naps in the crib and hopefully work our way up to just napping in the crib 🙂

Night 42: Slept 4 hours 50 minutes to start!!! We had gone to Island’s with everyone for my birthday and C ate a bunch before bed. Fell asleep at 8pm so getting a little earlier?  Then he slept another 4 hours which he has never done!!!

Day 43: Today was so much fun – C and I drove to Orange County to visit some high school friends and their babies.  He slept the whole car ride, plus the whole time we walked around the lake.  Woke  him up to feed him, then he fell back asleep and I went to lunch with some of the girls. It was so fun hanging out with everyone again!  We drove straight to pick up A at 3 and C slept the whole car ride.  He slept so much today and was in a great mood when he was awake.

Night 43: Bedtime around 8 again, slept 4 hours 42 minutes. Have been offering pacifier first when he wakes up in the night.  He was up every 2 hours after that.

Day 44:  Been practicing crib naps still.  Sometimes they go well, sometimes not so much.  I’m going to keep trying every day though!  Today I decided to pump instead of nurse to see if I liked it better. I don’t.  I liked being able to see how many ounces he was getting but I didn’t like pumping.  The 4 to 6pm hour was not great again. C needed to be fed, A was tired and grumpy, A slapped C and I got upset, and it was just a perfect storm.  Most days I can handle it, but today wasn’t one of them.  When J got home he said he would take over, but that isn’t the solution for me. He did take over for about 30 minutes and it was the same chaos as it is for me.  I told him we need to divide and conquer on days like that, not put it all on one person.

Night 44: Slept 4 hours 45 minutes!  Then up every 2 hours.  J has had a busy week at work so he has been sleeping on the couch. I have been doing well feeding C and changing him and resettling him on my own though.

Day 45: Made C stretch feedings out to 2.5 hours for the whole day; he did great with that and took long 1.5 to 2 hour naps.  He and A were also in great moods and it was one of those perfect days.

Night 45: Night didn’t go so well – fell asleep at around 8:20 but was back up and super fussy at like 11….gave him pacifier and settled him until 12, then fed him.  He was up about every hour or 2 after that…

Day 46: I’m 33 today! C was super fussy all day. We had babysitter come at night because our friends are moving and were doing a bar crawl type thing.  I was extra nervous to leave just because C was acting not like himself, but it worked out fine.  A had a great time with her, and she fed and held C and he slept a lot so that was good.

Night 46: C slept 3.5 hours, then hard to sleep rest of night.  We are going backwards help me!!!!!

Day 47: C napped like a boss all day, and was in a good mood.  We all went to breakfast together, I got my nails done at lunch, ran errands in the afternoon.  It was a great day.

Night 47: Followed by a tiring night.  C fed at 745 but didn’t fall asleep until 845….So I’m not sure if I put him to bed too early or too late?  He is still taking 5 naps a day, and I don’t know when that fifth nap actually becomes bedtime.  He slept about 3.5 hours at first, but then was up for 2 hours, grunting and wriggling around the whole night.  Is it my milk?  Is he hungry in the middle of the night? Am I not feeding him enough during the day?  Does he not want to be swaddled?  I know I’ve talked about moving him into his own room but now we are talking about how we really need to try.  He didn’t cry barely at all in the night, but we were still all awake listening to him stir.  If he was in his room, there is a chance he might stir but drift back to sleep without us interfering?  Seems like wishful thinking, but my friend was telling me she is desperately trying to get her 4 month old out of the rock and play and into the crib.  It is going to be a hard transition no matter what, so might as well do it while we are already not sleeping great? I don’t know. So confused.

Day 48: J let me sleep in until 8am because I was so tired.  When I woke up I put the kids in the car and off to the mall we went to get coffee and do some laps.  Then J’s mom came over and A and I went to the park for some one-on-one time, which I love so much.  C drank a huge bottle while I was gone, and then I worked on a crib nap with him.  It went okay.  I felt sad today, for no good reason.  Like 7 out of 10 days I’ve got this down, 3 out of 10 not so much.  Trying to remind myself that everyone is healthy and well-cared for.  Also I know I said I didn’t like pumping, but I kind of got used to seeing the number of ounces in the bottle and have somehow switched to pumping and not breastfeeding. Literally don’t know how that happened.  If I have enough, C gets my milk and if not I give formula. He is probably 50/50 right now.  Ate at 7am, 8:15am, 10:15am, 12:30pm, 2:45pm.  He took 4 naps, and the last one was 3:30-6pm, I woke him up and he drank 4 ounces and then wanted to go right back to sleep so I held him for a bit then figured, instead of another nap let’s do bedtime.  Skipped a bath since he wouldn’t wake up at all and just changed diaper and swaddled and put him in HIS OWN ROOM.

Night 48: I was terrified, but he slept 3.5 hours from 7:15 to 10:45pm.  Nursed him, but then had to give a bottle because he was still hungry.  Gave the bottle at 11:15, but J had to help him fall back asleep, which didn’t happen until 12:30am.  Slept 2.5 hours, nursed and gave bottle, fell back asleep for 3.5 more hours (I think he actually woke up at 5 and I just gave him his pacifier).  So it was a decent night, and everyone seemed to sleep a tiny bit better even though I really actually missed having him right next to me 😦

7 weeks!

Day 49: C slept the whole day, like massive 2 hour naps, woke up to eat, then wanted to go right back to sleep.  I think he smiled at me one time too.  We dropped A off at school, hung out at home, ran an errand, picked A up, then J and I went on date night.  Should I be worried about the massive naps? We have a check-up next week and I will ask.  A was in a great mood and we got some playtime in before I went out to dinner.  His last nap was 3:30-5:30pm; he got a bottle at 7:30pm and was put to bed, but he kept waking up and didn’t really fall asleep for the night until 8:30pm.

Night 49: Bedtime at 8:30pm, swaddled, in dockatot, in crib.  Slept 4 hours and 20 minutes! Not the longest stretch he has ever had, but definitely the longest in a week!  Nursed him at 1am and gave him 1 oz formula, back to sleep easily and slept 2 hours 45 minutes.  Woke up at 4 and it had been 3 hours since he last ate, nursed and gave him 2 oz formula (J gave the bottle and tried to put him back to sleep, but he ended up coming to our room and sleeping from 5 until 6:45am).

Day 50: Put C on more of a schedule today.  Eat 7am, nap 8:15 to 10.  Eat 10am, nap 11:15-1.  Eat 1pm, nap 2:30-3:30.  Eat 4pm, nap 5-6.  It went really well and was so refreshing to have some sort of schedule going on.

Night 50: Put to sleep at 7:30, fussed a bit until 8:30 so depending on how you look at it his first stretch was either 4.45 hours or 5.45 hours – either way, it was good!!  Woke up at 1 and 4 to eat.

Day 51:  The doula came over and I went to workout – felt great to get a workout in!  I am really looking forward to getting back in shape.  C’s morning nap went well, but he had trouble napping at 11:15 – napped from 12 to 12:30, then from 1:45 to 4pm.  We got back to our schedule and ate at 4, napped from 5:30-6:30, then bedtime 7:30 but same thing, fussed until 8:30.  It didn’t seem like he could stay awake until 8:30 though?  Not sure.

Night 51: Slept until 12:45am, ate, slept 1:30 to 4, ate, slept 5 to 7 (that last stretch was in our room).

Day 52: Back to our little schedule…nap 1 8am to 10:15am, nap 2 11:40am to 1:15pm, nap 3 3-4pm, nap 4 6-7pm.  Gave C 2 ounces at 7, then 2.5 more right before bedtime after his bath.  The day was pretty good too, and I was by myself the whole time.  We went to walk around the mall and get coffee in the morning, then we hung out at home and somehow everyone got lunch and naps, then we played some more and swung by the zoo.  When J came home we all went to dinner; C was awake the whole time and I forgot to bring my carrier since he usually just sleeps in his carseat.  It was around this age A started to want to be part of the mix at restaurants too 🙂

Night 52: Slept 5 hours and 15 minutes woohoo!!! Longest stretch so far weeeee!!!!! Fell right asleep at 8pm and didn’t stir once until 1:15am.  I didn’t breastfeed in the middle of the night for the first time and went straight to the bottle.  He drank 4 ounces, went right back to sleep, slept 3 hours, drank 3 ounces at 5am, then went back to sleep until 7:30 (we are a little off from the time change, A and I also slept in that late oops).  When I went to get C out of his crib, he was just laying there awake and smiling! I have never walked in there to see that!

Day 53: Today was a good day.  A and I went to workout class while J watched C, then I watched both boys and held C in his carrier, fed A lunch, and even cooked my own food for the week.  There was only about 10 minutes of Frozen, and I played with A and his toys the rest of the time.  Got both kids down for naps, ran an errand with C, then our whole family went to our friend’s 2nd birthday party.  C slept in the carrier for like 2 and a half hours, and it was fun watching A play with other little kids.  I put both kids to bed tonight, and it hit me that I know C a bit better now…a couple of weeks ago, I was so confused all day and all night.  Do I change his diaper before or after a night feeding? What swaddle does he like? Does he like to be rocked?  Is he gassy?  I didn’t know anything about him.  But tonight as I gave him a bottle, I did not rock him because I noticed he likes to be still; when I put him in his crib I laid my hand on his belly because that has comforted him more the last few days instead of patting.  He loves to snuggle, loves a clean diaper, likes to look at the ceiling, and is usually happy when awake to be hanging out either near his family or on his play mat swatting at his toys.  Anyway, nap 1 was 9:30 to 10:45, nap 2 was 12:39 to 1:28, nap 3 was 2:55 to 5:45, and we didn’t have a nap 4.  Bedtime was 8:15pm…

Night 53: …and he beat his own record! Slept 5 hours 51 minutes!!!ate 4 ounces at 2:10am, back to sleep, 4 ounces at 4:45am, back to sleep until 7.

Day 54:  Started off the morning with a walk around Parkway Plaza and to get me some coffee 🙂  A got to ride on one of the automated car games and he loves that.  C slept for 2 hours, we came home and everyone ate, back to sleep for 2 hours at noon, ate some more, then we went to the mall to walk around and ride on the train, slept from 3-4, then was up for a while and took a cat nap from 6:10-6:40…A was in a great mood all day and it was one of the easy days and we were all happy 🙂

Night 54:  At around 7 C started getting fussy…I wasn’t sure what to do because it seemed too early for bedtime, so I gave him half his bottle, then a bath, then the rest of his bottle.  He started looking tired, so put him in crib at 7:30, but it really took until about 9:15 for him to fall asleep.  Not sure if he was gassy, or not tired, or what was going on..he also drank 7 ounces before bed which is too much but he seemed hungry??….he woke up at 12:30 I think and I gave him his pacifier, woke up again at 1am so I fed him.  Hard time going back to sleep, I don’t think he really fell asleep until 2:30pm.  Woke up at 5am and I fed him, back to sleep until 7.  Bit of a weird night, the only thing that I did different was give him more breastmilk during the day so I hope that wasn’t it 😦

Day 55:  J got both boys up and ready for the day while I went to the dentist at 7am!  He said it went great, I’ve never even done that before! He is awesome.  Everyone was fed and happy when I got home, and C was napping.  He napped for 2.5 hours, then drank a 4 ounce breastmilk bottle (I hope it sits okay, still paranoid about yesterday?) then looked around for a bit and did tummy time and fell back asleep when I put him down so that I could give A his nap.  A has been adorable and had lunch and a nap so here I am typing quickly while they are both sleeping at the same time 🙂

Night 55:  C took a while to fall asleep again 😦  Slept 4 hours, up to eat, slept 3 hours, up to eat.  The only reason I even knew to feed him at 4am was because I went downstairs and there was a bottle left lol.

We survived 8 weeks!!!