Hi there!  I am a wife to a super awesome man, and a mom to 2 sweet boys who are 20 months apart.  I love to be organized and to figure out shortcuts to make things easy and fun, and I especially love to share what I learn with others.

When pregnant with my second baby (C), I went into overdrive researching on how to prepare for this major transition in life.  I asked strangers at the mall and park for advice, emailed high school friends, read parenting books and blogs, etc.  What would my toddler (A) do when I was feeding the new baby?  How can I prepare him?  Will I have baby blues again?  How can I make time for my husband (J), myself, my toddler, and my baby?


I received a lot of weird comments when I was out with my energetic toddler and my big belly, specifically “Wow you are going to have your hands full!”  It always came across as negative, and that bugged me.  I even had a friend tell me, it is so awful with two, you can’t leave the house or do anything!  I thought to myself, I am not going to let these nay-sayers influence me.  In fact, I am going to ROCK having two kids close in age.  I love being a mom, and while I have a very hard time with change in general, I find ways to cope with it.  Life is too short to be down or discouraged, and attitude is everything.


So here is my blog.  I am not an expert on parenting – the opposite actually.  Just a regular gal!  I hope to not only share things that I have figured out, but to also share the messy process of figuring things out (again) and getting this mama re-organized.  When baby C was first born and had his days and nights mixed up, I found myself reading online about parents who at 2 weeks old had babies who were on a predictable schedule and sleeping through the night and it made me feel like a failure before I snapped myself out of it and realized I needed to give myself some grace!  Newborns are confusing, and each baby is different.  That is mostly what compelled me to start writing my thoughts down – so that others can see that it is okay to have no idea what you are doing, and that if your baby is throwing you for a loop (whether it is your first or fifth) that you should never feel like you are doing something wrong.  You are the best mom for YOUR kids.  I’ve also included some information about baby products I like and tips for what has helped me personally as a mom to hopefully save you some time from having to re-create the wheel yourself.  I will also blog about life along the way (I started my own lipstick business when my baby was about 5 months old as well!  You can read more about it here or here.)
You can see what daily life was really like for me for the first 3 months with a newborn under Newborn.  Check out Monthly Schedules, Life Hacks (including a section on raising 2 Under 2), and My Favorite Things.  To learn about how I put myself first (yes, you read that correctly) check out Mama Mojo.  You can also find sleep tips under All About Sleep.  Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you!  Enjoy!
Did you mean to come to my LipSense website?  Visit me there, or check out my lipstick blog for more info.!

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