Ah, the first 3 months of newborn time.  Moms somehow forget this time, which is why people have multiple children.  For me, I was drowning when I had my first baby and then it was like the Men in Black came in and erased it from my memory, leaving me thinking my kid started off sleeping 12 hours in a row at night, loving his car seat, and never crying.  John and I were suddenly like OMG having a baby is the most fun easy thing in the world, let’s have another!

So when I found myself in newborn land for a second time, not drowning but still confused, I even told my sister, “Austin never cried and he always slept” and my sister was like, “uh do you not remember anything? Austin was hysterical!”  What?! She couldn’t be talking about my angel…but then some snippets flashed back into my memory…oh yeah – he didn’t really like that little carseat.   And I guess maybe there was a time when he didn’t sleep through the night.  And yes now that I think about it I suppose he didn’t always feed himself with a spoon…

My point is, I realized that we forget the challenging parts of newborn time because it really is so fleeting, and is quickly replaced by your growing confidence and your baby’s growing personality.  I wrote down brief daily notes during Curren’s first 3 months of life to really capture what my thought process was like as I tried to figure out my new baby, and so that when my sister one days calls me with a newborn asking, “Is it normal to feel this way?” I will have something more concrete to say to her instead of “What?! I don’t remember any of that with my two angels.”