Whim Dec 008

I almost deleted this entire blog today thinking about how spoiled and ridiculous I must sound.  My biggest worry has been getting enough sleep for me and my family – lack of sleep is not an actual problem in the big scheme of things.  I talk about hiring doulas to go get your hair done.  I write about must-have baby products that you “just can’t live without.”

I was up in the middle of the night and I couldn’t stop thinking about a little boy I read about a while ago, so I found his story again on Facebook.  When he as 2, he was severely injured when a tree fell on him at daycare in a freak accident.  On their website, his mom writes “When I dropped my happy, perfect boy off at daycare that morning, it might of been the last time I saw his smile or his eyes open or him awake. I will never take another day with my baby for granted.”

This article goes into more detail about this incredible family, and I am in awe of his mother’s strength and perseverance to give her son a beautiful life.  I don’t know what compelled me to re-read this story in the middle of the night, but I needed it.  I ran into both of my babies’ rooms to watch them sleep and to thank God for their health.

I know everything is relative, but I hope the next time I begin to fret about something un-important that I choose to be grateful in that moment instead.

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