2 Months Groove


There are of course some days where I am overwhelmed and confused but we have also definitely found a bit of a groove 2 months in.  I am too nervous still to go somewhere where A can run free while I’m also tending to C, but they both love their stroller so we are out and about every single day and pretty much have done so since C was born.  A gets tons of playground time at school, and we take him to the park on the weekends, so I try not to feel guilty for trapping him in the stroller during these early months.  He won’t remember, he has fun anyway, and I feel confident enough to get us all of the house.

Our favorite places to go have been indoor or outdoor malls before they open in the morning; I get coffee and we do laps and talk about the things we see.  Sometimes we go in the afternoon as well but then I am too tempted to shop 😉  We also like to walk around the lake, or go to the zoo.  Target is always an easy outing too – I don’t go with a list of things I need in case things go south, but we just browse around.

So during newborn time, you don’t need to be supermom if you don’t want to – you can stick within your comfort level and ease into the outings 🙂



Five (okay, six) Minute Make-up


So this is not my greatest picture, but I don’t care because it was taken at 6am and I have a 2 month old and a 22 month old 🙂  What I do love about this picture is that it took me exactly 6 minutes (I timed it) to go from the left to the right!  I might not have a ton of free time but 6 minutes to feel like myself, I do have.  My hack is the awesome III Foundation Palette by Maskcara. This single palette gives me my highlight, contour, foundation, blush, lip color, and illuminator and is so fast to put on.  Plus, their website has an awesome how-to video that shows you exactly how put it on.  My eye makeup is a limited edition Bobby Brown palette (similar to this one) and Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara.  Sometimes I will skip the eye shadow and just do mascara, but it is nice to know that if I am in the mood for a full face of make-up I just need 6 minutes 🙂

Did I Get My Evenings Back?


I just realized that both kids have been asleep since 8pm…I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the toys, which is what I used to do every night.  I threw some laundry in to get ready for laundry day (Sunday), and am now on the couch blogging and watching “Bridesmaids.”  This is such a huge milestone for me!  Those few hours after A’s bedtime used to be my time, when I could clean up without feeling like I was ignoring him, and when I could relax with J and hang out just the two of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom and after kiddie bedtime I end up looking at pictures of them on my phone and peeking in their rooms, but having even an hour of grown up time at night makes me feel like a whole person, not just a mom if that makes sense.

The first couple of weeks after C was born were tiring and confusing (as I expected).  J, C and I would stumble upstairs at like 8:30pm and I would feed C and then try to figure out where to put him to sleep.  When he would wake up I would be unsure of if I should change his diaper before or after I fed him, I was confused as to why he was grunting, I didn’t know if he wanted to be rocked…I didn’t know him at all and the days and nights blended together.  Now, he is on more of a schedule and sleeps much more easily and is a joy when he is awake.  I know that he likes to be held still almost instead of too much rocking, and that putting him in his crib and laying a hand on his belly comforts him more than patting.  I’m not saying that I have it all figured out, but I do feel like we have turned a bit of a corner.  A is getting used to his role as big brother, C is happy and growing, J is kicking ass all around, and I am getting myself back.  I feel a bit renewed after this glorious hour but it’s 9pm now so I need to go to sleep since yeah, C is still just a newborn 🙂