C started smiling at me so I now spend much of my time doing anything to see that silly little grin again!  He is changing every single day and it is incredible to experience.

But I want to talk about my first-born for a moment…A just kills me with his cuteness every day.  Lately when he sees my phone he says, “Let go? Peeeeez” and does the sign for “please.” (He wants to watch the music video for Let it Go from Frozen, and I pretty much can’t resist).  When I tell him it is time for his nap or bedtime, he gets all excited and runs upstairs to his room.  If I ask him if he wants to go somewhere with me, he heads straight for my car and picks up my water bottle for me on the way.  If J or I are leaving the house, he says “bye bye Mama, bye bye Dada”.  When J cracks open a beer, A says “out-ide” (outside) because he knows that means they usually get to hang out in the backyard or go in the jacuzzi together.  And when we were at the mall yesterday, he said “choo choo” – after the 50 times we have gone on the train, he recognized where we were and knew that a train ride was likely in his future. He plays so nicely with his toys, and can spend hours pretending with his trucks.  I love watching him, and playing with him.

He is taking steps towards independence, but still needs me so much and stops to give me hugs and kisses in between all of his running around.  I say this every month, but this age is quite possibly my favorite so far.

I am so grateful for my little buddy who made me a mom.


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