Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


C broke out of his swaddle at 4 and it kept happening until 6.  A is a little sick and contagious and we needed to cancel a few of our weekend plans involving other kids, including a holiday get together. The house cleaning service called to raise their rates, and our air conditioner isn’t working.  Since these things all were going on before 9am, I started to feel upset and then I stopped and asked myself, “Are any of these issues big things, or are they all just little things?”  I immediately felt better, even though nothing was resolved at that moment.  These are like the tiniest non-issues in the world!  I was at the zoo with the boys when I had this moment, and I actually turned the stroller around to go back to the exhibits that I was not present for because my mind was elsewhere and this time I was THERE and took the time to talk to A about the animals like we usually do, and to soak in the awe in his eyes and his sweet little smile.

It is amazing how easy it can be to let things get to us, especially if annoying stuff all seems to happen at once.  Taking a step back however and really thinking about a “problem” helps me to see it in a new light.  Yes, C broke out of his swaddle at 4 – but hello! He slept until 4!!!!  Yes, A is a little sick, but he is in good spirits and going to recover quickly.  Yes, we need to re-arrange some plans this weekend but I would hope others would give me the same courtesy if their child was sick, and someone actually came over and fixed the air conditioner so we are going to be nice and cool tonight 🙂

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